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Commercial & Farm Buildings

Authority Having Jurisdiction

The Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) is determined by the geographic location of the building in Manitoba and whether the building must comply with Part 9 or Part 3 of the Manitoba Building Code.

The three AHJs in Manitoba are:

  • Municipality

  • Planning District

  • Municipal Relations (MR)/Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC)

​Municipal Relations, formally the OFC, is the AHJ for all farm buildings having an area greater than 600 sq.m. (6,458 sq. ft.) and all buildings that fall under the Part 3 designation in the Cypress Planning District.

Please see below for the MR/OFC permit application as well as the permit application guide. 

Please note that a Cypress Planning District Development Permit will be required, as Municipal authorization prior to MR/OFC being able to issue a building permit. 

For more information please contact the Cypress Planning District.

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