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Wood Frame of House

Site Inspections

Inspection requested can be made by the Home Owner/Applicant or Contractor. Non-requested audit progress inspections during the construction process are at the Building Inspectors discretion.

Site inspections during the process of project construction are set at pre-determined stages by the Cypress Planning District.

Please see below for most preferred inspections. The list provided below is the basic list of preferred inspections, additional inspection are at the discretion of the Building Inspector.

A minimum of 48 Hour notice must be given to ensure availability of the Building Inspector. To schedule a site inspection please call

1(204) 834-6618 or 1(204) 841-0178.

Voicemail inspection requests will not be considered as a booked inspection.

Preferred Buildings Inspections could include:

Footing and foundation inspections

Prior to pouring concrete


Reinforcing Bar


In-Floor Heat Pipes

Prior to backfill

  Drain Tiles

  Damp proofing


Plumbing Installations

Fire Separations

Life Safety Installations

Framing and Insulation

​Exterior & Interior wall Systems

Roof Systems & Floor Systems

Lintels & Ledger Boards


Air & Vapour Barriers

Plumbing/Duct Rough In

Life Safety Electrical Rough In

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