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Disclaimer for Bylaws

The bylaws are an electronic reproduction made available for information purposes only and have no legal status. The format may be different and plans, pictures, other graphics or text may be altered. Where applicable, amending bylaws have been consolidated with the original bylaw for convenience and reference.
A development plan is a document that sets out a community’s vision for the future. That vision is captured in plans and policy statements that address physical, social, environmental and economic objectives. A development plan describes, using words and maps, how and where the community wants land to be developed, as well as measures for implementing the plan
A zoning bylaw is a tool that helps to implement the objectives and policies in the development plan (and any applicable secondary plan) by setting out specific rules for development and land use in a community.

1) Cypress Planning District

Fee By-Law

2) Cypress Planning District

Development Plan

1) Town of Carberry

Zoning By-Law

1) Municipality of North Cypress-Langford

Zoning By-law

1) Municipality of Glenboro South Cypress

Zoning By-Law

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