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Permits and Forms

Building and Development Permit

This form may be used for new construction and renovation projects as well as basic site development. 

For all agricultural based projects, please use the Development Permit application when applying for your project.

​If you are unsure of what the form is asking, or if you would like to speak to someone directly, please contact the Cypress Planning District.

Plumbing Permits

Plumbing Permits are included in the initial Building Permit application. Stand alone Plumbing Permits are required for new installations in an existing structure. Please see the CPD Fee Schedule for a break down of the associated fees.

As a requirement for new installations, the Plumbing & Mechanical contractors will be required to submit a drain/stack system layout and a duct layout, prior to the first inspection. 

Variation Orders and Conditional Use Orders

Variation Orders

Landowners who believe that a zoning bylaw negatively affects their ability to develop their property may apply to the municipality or planning district for an order to vary specific provisions of the zoning bylaw as they apply to the affected property.

Examples are setbacks and site sizes.

Conditional Use Orders 

Conditional uses are uses that are generally consistent with other uses in the zone and may be allowed at the discretion of the approving authority if certain conditions are met. Conditional uses require a public hearing and, therefore, should be uses that warrant public review as part of the development application process.

Demolition Permits

Please use the same application form as the Building and Development Permit for all Demolition and Removal projects.

All Demolition Permits will require the Hazardous Substances Notice to be completed prior to a permit being issued.

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