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Municipality of
Glenboro South Cypress

The Municipality of Glenboro South Cypress was formed as a result of Municipal Amalgamation in 2015 when the Village of Glenboro combined with the Rural Municipality of South Cypress.
The municipality is governed by a Mayor and five Council members.
With a population of 1,565 (2016 Census) the municipalities main trading center is the Village of Glenboro with the communities of Cypress River and Wawanesa in neighboring municipalities to the east and west providing additional trading centers. Two General Development Districts, Stockton and Treesbank have also been fairly stable but have shown little growth. There is a strong agricultural presence in the municipality however significant portions of the land in the municipality is taken up by Spruce Woods Park, Spruce Woods Provincial Forest, CFB Shilo and Swan Lake First Nation. The main transportation routes within the municipality are Highway No. 5 running north and south and Highway No. 2 running east and west. These highways intersect just east of Glenboro.

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