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Municipality of
North Cypress-Langford

The Municipality of North Cypress-Langford was formed as a result of Municipal Amalgamation in 2015 when the Rural Municipality of North Cypress combined with the Rural Municipality of Langford. The municipality is governed by a Reeve and six Council members. With a population of 2,745 (2016 Census) the municipality has two main trading centers, the Town of Carberry near the south end of the municipality and the Town of Neepawa to the north. There are three main General Development Districts; Brookdale, Edrans and Wellwood, located within the municipality as well as a number of very small Historic Settlement Centers.
The main transportation routes within the municipality consist of Highway No. 1 at the south end near Carberry and Highway No. 16 at the north end near Neepawa. Both these highways cross the full width of the municipality from east to west. In addition Highway No. 5 also crosses the full depth of the municipality from north to south. The municipality is also crossed by both the CP and CN main railway lines.
The population of the municipality has been fairly stable with population losses caused by larger and less numerous farms being offset by the growth in Rural Residential District and to a lesser extent in the General Development Districts. While some rural residents work locally in Carberry or Neepawa, many commute to Brandon, Shilo or Portage La Prairie.

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